Project Information

The IVRC will exhibit products created by teams participating in the contest on two occasions: at the preliminaries and at the finals. Both exhibitions will be open to the general public (free of charge), and visitors to the contests will be able to actually participate in hands-on demonstrations of the products. Detailed information regarding the exhibition and public release of products will be featured on this website when appropriate. Please do come to the venues and experience state-of-the-art interactive products created by students.


Date: 11, September, 2019 - 13, September, 2019
Place: Engineering Building 2 and 6, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
 September 11th: Poster presentation *1
 September 12th: Poster presentation *1
 September 13th, 10:00 - 15:45: Exhibition *2
* 1 To attend the session, please make a registration to The 24th Annual Conference of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan.
* 2 Anyone can enter for free

General Student Category

Re:born – You will be Back to the Fetus, Go through the Birth Canal and Reborn –
Team: Internal Space

This work expresses “I’m glad to be born! ” through the experience of “being born”. By using a device which can be tightened by pneumatic control, we reproduce the situation of passing through the dark and narrow birth canal with difficulty. Furthermore, we express the miracle of birth with video and sound.

It’s more than I can get,period pain.
Team: FuwaFuwa☆Utopia

In this experience, we will create a device that gives the lower abdomen a pain with uterine contraction by combining electrical stimulation and vibration sense stimulation, and detect daily activities with an acceleration sensor and present warmth according to it. Give a sense of drooping blood. Combining these factors, anyone can experience menstruation.

Virtual Firefighting -ENBU-
Team: CyberSpaceLab

In this project, we developed a system that can experience firefighting activities. The system consists of a head-mounted display, a wind presentation device, and a force presentation device that presents water jet reaction force. Wind is perceived by a wearable device, and water jet reaction force is simulated by tensile force and gyro moment.

Ground Surfing

Windsurfing is a marine sport that uses the power of the wind. It gives us a sense of exhilaration and enjoyment that cannot be experienced in everyday life as the sense of riding waves. In this project, we build a system you can experience the attractiveness of windsurfing without going to the sea. The sail device enables interaction between the user’s operation and the virtual wind. The board device reproduces the sensation of riding on a wave by vibration. Moreover, by giving the wind and the smell of the sea to the user, we give you immersive experience.

Team: Doll Studio “Mirage”

Conventional XR techniques often appeal to visual and tactile information. Therefore, we focus on sound and create a microphone-type device in which voice data and device movement are linked. We provide the experience of being hacking into another person’s talk or hacked through this device. We realize unprecedented new sound XR experience through the extension of auditory information by visual information.

Ultra-Breathing Experience by VR: VReath

This work is a device that interacts with the image in the VR space as the experience person breathes in and exhales. The experience person wears the HMD and a special air jacket and repeats “breathing” and “breathing”. When breathing is detected, the air jacket squeezes the user’s abdomen, creating a sensation of swelling to an unrealistic size. Then, when person exhales while watching the image projected on the HMD, the inside of the VR space changes in an instant. The point is that the air jacket swells and the video content changes according to the depth of the subject’s breathing.

Anymal ways
Team: Rabbit’s “Make advantaged at the corner”

When we use poor quality headphones, it is difficult to hear that difference between front sounds and back ones. So we focused on rabbit’s ears. Because rabbit’s ears can move freely and act as a radar.
We use our hands like the rabbit’s ear by using a sensor glove and HMD in this content. And you will be able to feel the position of the sound source intuitively.

Tabletop ARrietty
Team: Borrowers

We propose Tabletop ARietty, a competitive style game which provides a co-located and asymmetric virtual/augmented reality experience for an HMD user and non-HMD users simultaneously. The HMD user becomes a miniature character and has to gather magical seeds that were stolen from them and are dispersed on a gigantic garden table. Users can therefore share a virtual world using a 360 camera and smartphone AR while interacting with each other through this immersive, gamified experience.

Team: Children

Forests are the core of ecosystems for various living things. Tree is often treated just as an environment when considering the world in perspectives of living things. However, they are essential to all living things.
The purpose of this project is to make trees “interested” through the experience of becoming “tree”. We realize entering the Umwelt composed of trees and surrounding creatures by focusing on the important existence of the forest, which is usually hardly conscious, and using VR technologies such as force presentation, haptics, visual presentation, etc. This experience should be an opportunity to “be interested in” the forest.

Rubik’s cube in the box
Team: Solvers

This artwork gives users to solve a Rubik’s cube from the inside. Users use two devices controlled by their limbs, and then they can solve the Rubik’s cube from the inside via a head mounted display. In addition, this artwork has a highly entertaining story which solves it within the time limit.

Tattoo Alive
Team: Tattooists

We introduce a virtual tattoo featuring skin sensations and novel interaction possibilities as a full-fledged experience named “Shunshisei”. In this experience, the combination of the rubber hand illusion and projection mapping enables skin sensations and feedback for the projected tattoo on the user’s forearm. In addition, the experience scenario is designed to stimulate pressure, heat, and wind sensations intuitively, while featuring an animated snake based on common tattoo designs.

Chocolate factory
Team: Charlie

Most people have their experiences with joining tours of factory at least once. This work provides users to being a chocolate within a chocolate factory. The aim of this work is to construct the VR system which shows tactile sensations about eight processes for making chocolate. This system consists of a haptics system using a chair, head mounted display, a headphone, and other equipment.

Hira-hira warp
Team: team yume

We propose a warp VR system using fabrics. This system enables users to move to different places focusing on human temperature sensation delivered form different air temperature. In addition, it is possible for users to get a new warp sensation by linking physical fabrics with virtual objects. Users can enjoy a warp sensation by coming and going to two rooms which have different temperature, humidity, and air volume.

Haptic Stealth Game “Shinobiashi”
Team: NukiashiSashiashi

In this proposal, we build a stealth game experience that uses tactics with tactile information, such as carefully walk to avoid that the enemy detect player with feedback of the vibration that makes player’s feet crawl on the floor, or detect the enemy from the vibration of the floor.

Cheeks Phone
Team: SuriSuri

In this proposal, we suggest “Cheeks phone” which is a system that achieves higher satisfaction of remote communication by adding physical tactile communication to voice dialogue on the phone, with a mechanism that transmits the user’s “rubbing cheeks” on the phone.

lacrimal gland dam
Team: Senrui Dam Management station

Have you ever heard of the Japanese metaphorical expression “lacrimal gland collapse”? This word is used to express very large amounts of tears. Like this phrase, what if you could experience a lot of water rushing out of your eyes …?
In this project, we will realize the ” lacrimal gland collapse ” experience by creating a system based on the “dam”. It has a reservoir part on the head and water gate part around the eye. We call this VR content “lacrimal gland dam”.


The user lies on his back, and the cat device moves on his body. As a result, the cat device provides a feelings as if cat walking actually on the user’s body. Also, if user stroke the cat, hot water flow into the bag which is attached to the cat device. The user can feels temperature of cat and feels like cat is lying on the user’s body.

Team: Mochi ha Mochiya

Human beings leads lives under a physical limitations about the head. Our heads is so hard and inseparable. In this project “Mocchable”, we will present the feelings of human beings replaced by rice cake through two devices which stimulate haptics and sense of equilibrium, and enable a new experience of removing physical limitations.

The Catcher in the VR
Team: Mr.Invisible

VR head-mounted display (HMD) users can not see the real world because they are blindfolded by it. By adding the interaction between the HMD users and the spectators who don’t wear HMD, we present a new experience that takes the disadvantage of the HMD which blocks the user’s view. We propose a system that spectator, who is invisible but touchable for HMD user, pretends to be a transparent human in the virtual space and play pranks on HMD user.

Call from Merry
Team: Doll Studio “Mirage”

We propose VR experience that giving tactile information makes the whole body feel a thrilling fear without using devices such as head-mounted displays and LCDs at a stage of a telephone booth.
We realize the presentation of the fear feeling by presenting static electricity and cold air to the ear using the device with receiver shape in the unexpected timing. A motif of VR is the famous folklore “Mary’s phone”. You can try taking a call from Mary in a telephone booth.

Youth Category

We’ve started practice field for “WATASHIBUNE”
Team: Katsuzou, Cross the river

As a premise, most of VR contents are based on one-person experience. Meanwhile, we made the VR which is for two players and each of parts makes different move. But, in order to realize the goal which we planned, we produced the multi-play type VR content with a theme of ferry. In this VR, it has rowing hand and steering hand, and both perform different viewpoints and actions. The goal of this content is to take ferry to the opposite shore while avoiding from some obstacles.

Welcome Back Room
Team: AK Cheese Burgers

This project is a project with the theme of the moment of removing the head mounted display that evokes a strange feeling at the moment of removing the head mounted display by making a slight difference between the VR space and the real space. We call this strange feeling “Comeback feeling”.

Wearable Device to Interact with Fluffy Animals
Team: The Shield of Bastet

Have you ever wished to play with cats anytime anywhere? But in some certain moment or situation(ex. during a commute, have allergies), it will be difficult to do so. In this project, we will make a device to make everyone be able to play with cats in any situation.


Date: 15, November, 2019 - 16, November, 2019
Place: Tokyo Telecom Center



International Category

La Plume et la Lanterne
Member: Charlotte DUBOSC (3d artist), Kaourantin LE NOAN (3d artist), Simon PASI (developer), Thomas JEAN LOUIS (developer), Assim KALOUAZ (scenario), Gregoire RICHARD (scenography), Lorenzo CARLY(scenario), Lisa IZZOUZI (producer)
Affiliation: Arts et Metiers ParisTech (ENSAM), Laval

It is a VR experience with 2 players and asymetrical gameplay, the actor is led in different altered fairy tales by the storyteller whose choices change the narrative storyline.