Our Purpose

IVRC is the acronym of "International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest", which has been held since 1993 and is the contest of Interactive products using advanced technologies such as virtual reality and robots. Our English name changed for internationalization in 2004, because we began to invite awarded teams from the French VR contest "Laval Virtual".


When you hear the words such as "Virtual Reality" and "robot", you should feel that special expensive machines are nessesary to realize them. Though, there are many ideas which can be actualized only with handmade machines. The main purpose of this contest is for participants to gain deeper understanding of and familiarity with interactive technologies through activities such as planning interactive systems, making devices themselves, and improving quality of their contents.

IVRC is not only a contest, but also the cooperative attempt of district, industry, and academy, to construct the new education system for the 21st century to develop the excellent human resources, who can think, learn, and work for themselves.

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